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Tarot, Astrology and Coffee Grinds: Part One

A number of clients have asked me, ‘What are your thoughts on Tarot readings, and the like?’ Well, my first thought is: ‘Ooooo magical. mystical. and fun.‘ Being redundant of course, as magic and mystery are fun. – Even if they are something else besides. But first things first. And in this case, that seems…

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Q: What is a Manifesting Consultant?

This is Part Two of, ‘What the #$@%, Cathy, do you do?’. (See ‘The Consultancy Practice’ Category on the side bar to read the other parts in the series.) Today’s question: What exactly is a ‘manifesting consultant’? (Quite possibly a job title I’ve made up.) A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert…

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Q: What is a Metaphysician?

This is Part One of, ‘What the #$@%, Cathy, do you do?’. (Note: Please don’t be discouraged if you find this post ‘too academic’, I have to start somewhere and the deeply inbred scholar within me throws a hissy fit with every attempt to start somewhere else. So stayed tuned, this is only the first…

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A Dream is Half a Prophecy

A dream is half a prophecy. Can you imagine if that were true? If, simply by dreaming something you were already half way there to making it true? And not just true – a prophecy. A truth so fated that it was destined to happen even before you dreamed it; even, likely, before you were…

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