Introducing: The Manifesting Friendly


Introducing: The Magic Eight Ball Inspired Origami Fortune Teller Manifesting Friendly.

Watch out Hammacher Schlemmer, if I add ‘the world’s best’ or ‘first’ to the title – (both of which are true) – I might just have out ridiculous-titled you. (Which of course is really, really hard to do. Respect.)

‘The Magic Eight Ball Inspired Wah?’

Remember those origami fortune tellers we used to play with in school? Well, suddenly it occurred to me that I ‘really ought’ to make a manifesting-inspired version. It would be a cross between a magic eight ball – an origami fortune teller – and an oracle! And with a mind-over-matter bent. It would be a source of personal guidance and transformation. It would be majestic, and inspired, and eerily on point. A million-gagillion times better than the Ouija board, obviously.

Or, it would be what it is: mostly ridiculous, entirely playful, and totally constructive. Presenting the world’s first and best (oh snap! I did it) magic-eight-ball-inspired-origami-fortune-teller-manifesting-friendly – (Side note: awhile back I adopted ‘friendly’ as a noun, synonymous with ‘thing’, which I use to describe animate and inanimate objects alike. It just feels nicer.) – or the Manifesting Friendly for short (trademark pending).

Speak to It (totally a proper noun) your desire, and your Manifesting Friendly will tell you what you need to do in order to manifest or make your desire reality.

Sound too good to be true? It totally is!

What I meant to say was: tell it your desire and it will give you a quick exercise that will bring you closer to the state of mind that facilitates you getting what you want. It’s a manifesting friendly, which means that it takes your mental state to be a critical factor in whether your desire becomes reality or remains unfulfilled. So the oracle (cue dramatic choir) answers or responds to the statement of your desire with a provocation (a question or exercise). The provocation is meant to create space in your mind for success.

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On a slightly more serious note: Why the Manifesting Friendly?

Normally, when we want to make something happen in our lives we take action. And normally, by this we mean physical action. For example, we make a phone call, run out to get the brushes and paint, start saving – whatever is appropriate to the situation.

The art of manifesting involves taking action in the mental, emotional and, if you will – and I hope that you will – spiritual, realms in addition to the physical one. The art of deliberate creation involves taking actions in the former realms consciously, and first.

We want to try to balance the scales a little: physical action is good, and very good. But so is cleaning up your thought process so that your actions are increasingly effective and efficient.

This is the point of your Manifesting Friendly: to aid and guide you in taking care and cleaning up your mental and emotional space as part of the action you take to procure your goal. It’s a playful tool you can use when you need a little guidance or want to do a little ‘manifesting’ work in a spare moment. It travels easily on subways, to park benches, cafes – even bathrooms, (if that’s how you roll).

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Click the the color (or design) for an explanation of each of the Manifesting Friendly’s answers and what you’re meant to do with them!