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My mission is to free others, and with them this world we live in, from the chains that bind.


Paradigm shifts. I'm all about paradigm shifts.

Remember Copernicus and his revolution? The one that changed our perception of our planet as the center of the universe to one planet among many, revolving around the Sun. Science is full of these profoundly mind-altering paradigm shifts: the discovery that the Earth is round; the discovery that matter is energy; the discovery that observer independence is an illusion. Your life is full of these mind-bending paradigm shifts too. My craft is to help you receive them.

I value paradigm shifts because of their incredible power: the kind of power that can change your life in a New York minute because they so profoundly change your mind - and with it your worldview, and with that, your reality. I am a therapist and healer; but I know that if I can help a person change their mind, I don't have to be.

Ultimately, I work as a catalyst for change and possibility. The fundamental belief underlying all of my work is that we want what we want for a reason – a good, healthy, important and even wise reason; and that anything is possible. May it be so for you.


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