Doing The Right Thing

What is the right thing to do? We want to do the right thing. And I’m not necessarily talking about the ethical or moral thing. We can be a little more gritty, a little more earthly – a little more personal than that. When I say we want to do the right thing, I mean:…

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Tarot, Astrology and Coffee Grinds: Part Two

This is Part Two of: thoughts on tarot, astrology, and woo-woo readings of all kinds. (See last week’s Tarot, Astrology and Coffee Grinds: Part One here.) In Part One I talked about allowing yourself to have some authority in deciding whether the reading (or ‘divination’) works/worked or not. And also, allowing yourself to use and…

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Fear 101: Use it to know where you should go

‘If you are not nervous in an interview, then it is the wrong interview.’ A girlfriend of mine, maven behind Goddess Huntress (your best on-line resource for high-end, non-toxic beauty info and products), recently told me this was the best piece of advice she received in college. Clearly she’s a smart girl. If you are…

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