On Life and Living. Or 
Conversations Between Me, Me, and You.

By: Catherine Collautt, Ph.D.

On Life and Living. Or, Conversations Between Me, Me, and You. is a series of non-fiction essays. You can think of them, as I like to think of them, as philosophy for the people. Ever think about the meaning of life, about faith, about will and truth; about existence, and yours in particular, and what the !@%# is going on? Ever want to? Me too. Each essay or vignette in the series is a digestible, stand-alone piece on a specific topic, and an invitation to ponder together.

On Life and Living is the complete bundle and includes all 4 essays in the series. Essays are also available for individual purchase for $4 each. All products are available in digital download (ebook) format only; hard copies are not currently available.

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  1. Graeme Franks, Life Coach

    With a kind of X-ray vision, Catherine is able to penetrate the underlying structure of how life works. 

  2. Jessica, Child Development Specialist

    Dr. Collautt has a unique and creative way of deep diving into the very complex but everyday ideas of life. Her vignettes are curious, inspirational, smart and non-judgmental. Her thoughts are delivered with such compassion and clarity. Contrary of other intellectual authors, Dr. Collautt confidently opens me up to the idea of changing, improving, feeling self-assured… even peaceful… guiltless.

  3. David, awe-struck fan

    Every time I read one of Cathy’s pieces, I’m freshly excited about the power I hold within myself. That power, once recognized, is the equal of the craziness we see outside ourselves — power abused or refused. I study Cathy’s words carefully because every sentence reveals first-rate metaphysics applied to top-tier challenges. Please keep it up!

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