On Life and Living. Or 
Conversations Between Me, Me, and You.

By: Catherine Collautt, Ph.D.

On Life and Living. Or, Conversations Between Me, Me, and You. is a series of non-fiction essays. You can think of them, as I like to think of them, as philosophy for the people. Ever think about the meaning of life, about faith, about will and truth; about existence, and yours in particular, and what the !@%# is going on? Ever want to? Me too. Each essay or vignette in the series is a digestible, stand-alone piece on a specific topic, and an invitation to ponder together.

On Life and Living is the complete bundle and includes all 4 essays in the series. Essays are also available for individual purchase for $4 each. All products are available in digital download (ebook) format only; hard copies are not currently available.


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  1. Graeme Franks, Life Coach

    With a kind of X-ray vision, Catherine is able to penetrate the underlying structure of how life works. 

  2. Jessica, Child Development Specialist

    Dr. Collautt has a unique and creative way of deep diving into the very complex but everyday ideas of life. Her vignettes are curious, inspirational, smart and non-judgmental. Her thoughts are delivered with such compassion and clarity. Contrary of other intellectual authors, Dr. Collautt confidently opens me up to the idea of changing, improving, feeling self-assured… even peaceful… guiltless.

  3. David, awe-struck fan

    Every time I read one of Cathy’s pieces, I’m freshly excited about the power I hold within myself. That power, once recognized, is the equal of the craziness we see outside ourselves — power abused or refused. I study Cathy’s words carefully because every sentence reveals first-rate metaphysics applied to top-tier challenges. Please keep it up!

  4. Elisa

    These are wonderful life conversations. Each essay, goes to the essence of the topic in a comprehensive, revealing and humorous way. They’ve made me realize about the misunderstandings that we often accept as true and shape our reality. The way Catherine talks about faith, selfishness vs egoism, failure and success, dissatisfaction with one’s life, Life’s magic, etc., brought me clarity, inspiration and freedom. It helped me get closer to my inner self finding love and peace in what’s true for me. Thank you for this gift.

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