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Today’s question: What exactly is a ‘manifesting consultant’? (Quite possibly a job title I’ve made up.)

A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area. A manifesting consultant provides professional or expert advice in the area of manifesting. To manifest something means to materialize, or to realize it. Manifesting consultants aid and advise clients on how to best materialize their desires; that is, to make them reality.

If business consultants, say, help organizations improve their performance by evaluating and advising on a suitable structure to support their business. And nutritional consultants help individuals improve their physical health by proffering advice on nutrition and diet to support their lifestyle. Manifesting consultants help clients improve their ability to get/make/be/do/have what they want in life (and not get/make/be/have/do what they do not want) by assessing and re-structuring the mind; and advising or prescribing mental nutrition and diet.

Why the mind? Well because, if you haven’t already heard (or read my last post on metaphysics), you don’t just create reality with your hands, sweat, blood and tears. In fact, even when that is how you make something happen for yourself, it is just the last stage of the creative process. The first stage – always – is impulse or inspiration.  Creation starts with the desire, the thought, the belief, the idea. It doesn’t have to be conscious. In fact the majority of the time it is unconscious, subconscious or automatic. Autonomic and habitual processes run the greater part of our day, and thereby our lives. Nevertheless, everything created in the physical world begins in the intangible realm of the mind (which, here, most definitely includes the heart).

Airplanes, democracy, the internet – all were ideas before they were things. (Note too, how the physical making or putting together of thing is the last part in process of its creation.) The same is true of all the things we have created (again, consciously or unconsciously) in our lives: the relationship, the career, the wealth, the health – or, the lack thereof. All have their origin in an idea, a belief, a thought, instinct or desire. Gandhi put it this way:

Your beliefs become your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your words.
Your words become your actions.
Your actions become your habits.
Your habits become your values.
Your values become your destiny.

Manifesting consultants work with the mind because they are working directly with the first stage in the process of creation. Often, if not always, it is not our execution of ‘the plan’ that is to blame when we fail to manifest or realize a particular desire (though just as often we think it is): it is the blueprint. Manifesting consultants advise clients on a suitable ‘blueprint’ to support their desires, the mind components (thoughts and beliefs) needed to effectively turn the particular desire or idea into reality.

In brief: A manifesting consultant provides professional or expert advice in the area of manifesting – i.e., materializing or transforming one’s desire(s) into reality. Their area of expertise is in transforming a non-physical impulse (a desire, idea, thought) into its physical, material counterpart. And because the process of creating and materializing begins in the mind, manifesting consultants spend time working with it consciously and directly.


*Note: In addition to the consulting services, I, personally, use energy work to instill the supportive or productive ‘blueprint’ in my client, (i.e. to, effectively, ‘re-program’ the subconscious mind). I assume a manifesting consultant could advise without offering the integration service, essentially servicing awareness only. However, because awareness alone is often not enough to produce the desired change in behavior, integrating it in the subconscious offers the client the added possibility of immediate and lasting change.

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