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The Mythical Money Magnet: Compounding.

Arbutus Compoundis: the tree that grows money. This is what we’ve all been told money doesn’t do, but wish it would do: grow on trees. We’d all love a tree that grows money. But we’re told they don’t exist, so we dream instead of second best: winning the lottery. (The odds are better, we think…

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Expect To Grow Spiritually.

“Expect your every need to be met, expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level, expect to grow spiritually.” ~ Eileen Caddy Expect to grow spiritually. With this one phrase Caddy has taken what might otherwise have drifted away as the height of new age delusion – and injected it with the rock-hard solid…

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On Wishing.

“Wishes are recollections coming from the future.” – Rainer Maria Rilke My girlfriend sent that quote to me yesterday. She said she thought I would like it. She was right. It makes me smile. I’m a ‘what if…’ kinda human. I like to play that game. And I especially like to play it with thoughts…

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Glass makes a good point – in fact he makes a lot of them. Here they are, taken apart and put back together. Number one: our dissatisfaction is recognition of the gap between our taste and the fruits of our labor; between our potential, and what we are currently actualizing. It is not, as we are…

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The Kind of Negative Thinking I Like

  ‘Assume I have failed to achieve my goal – what’s the most likely reason why that would have happened?’ I was perusing my husband’s MBA assignment the other day and came across this question. – Which I loved. Now if you know me, and the work that I do, you might find that strange:…

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Doing The Right Thing

What is the right thing to do? We want to do the right thing. And I’m not necessarily talking about the ethical or moral thing. We can be a little more gritty, a little more earthly – a little more personal than that. When I say we want to do the right thing, I mean:…

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“Nothing on Earth can resist an absolutely non-resistant person.” It’s true. Think about air. Think about water. Think about being like that. Now by ‘that’ I don’t mean passive, or complacent, or inactive; not necessarily anyway. This isn’t a blanket statement to, in the face of injustice for example, just stand by and watch. This…

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Q: What is a Manifesting Consultant?

This is Part Two of, ‘What the #$@%, Cathy, do you do?’. (See ‘The Consultancy Practice’ Category on the side bar to read the other parts in the series.) Today’s question: What exactly is a ‘manifesting consultant’? (Quite possibly a job title I’ve made up.) A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert…

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Q: What is a Metaphysician?

This is Part One of, ‘What the #$@%, Cathy, do you do?’. (Note: Please don’t be discouraged if you find this post ‘too academic’, I have to start somewhere and the deeply inbred scholar within me throws a hissy fit with every attempt to start somewhere else. So stayed tuned, this is only the first…

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