Wanting change is often easy enough; creating it, is a different story. As a metaphysician and manifesting consultant, my work is to help others manifest their desires — i.e. make them reality. Most of all, however, my practice endeavors to empower my clients: to unleash their power to do the same for themselves over the course of their lives. Appointments may be held in person or by phone.

  • Uncovering and removing blocks that keep you from achieving whatever it is you are seeking to have, to be, and/or to manifest.
  • Generating awareness about meaning, purpose and choice.
  • Inviting and facilitating change and possibility.
  • Empowering the self to co-creation.
  • B.A., M.A. Oxford University (UK), Philosophy and Psychology
  • M.A., Ph.D. University of Essex (UK), Philosophy
  • Certified Practitioner: Reiki, Theta-Healing, Infotherapy, Psych-K

My one-on-one practice combines traditional and non-traditional therapies to help and enable clients to live their highest and best potential.

Objective One: Harmony and Alignment. Reality always works to prove you right. There are many ways of explaining why this is, from selective attention to the Law of Attraction; the result is the same: whatever you are projecting out there, generally, to the world, will always be reflected back to you to prove you right. So, for example, if you think that life is a struggle, you will be constantly and consistently confronted with circumstances, situations and people that ‘prove’ to you that life is a struggle. Therefore, one major component of the work I do with you is to locate the conscious and subconscious beliefs, patterns and ways of being that are working against you in your goal — those that are blocking you from achieving or receiving what you desire. I then use energy work to release these blocks and create transformative shifts that work for and support you and your goal. This is the most basic use of my practice.

Objective Two: Awareness and Deliberate Creation. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you do create the reality in which you live. Again, we can talk about this in terms of everything from selective attention and Law of Attraction, to the choices you make, the meaning you give things, and the purpose you consciously or unconsciously give to yourself, your life, and all you experience. My work is to help you become aware of the meanings you bestow, how they affect your choices, your life, and your relationship to yourself. I encourage you to choose meanings and values that support your desires and the reality you would like to create; and facilitate their internal integration into your conscious and subconscious minds through the use of energy work. Facilitating awareness and deliberate creation are a more sophisticated use of my practice.

Objective Three: Empowerment. It is vital to me and my work that clients do not become dependent on my services in order to achieve their goals, actualize their potential, and/or manifest their desires. To this end, a large part of my practice is devoted to empowering clients to feel in control of their lives, to take control, and to provide them with the tools to re–align themselves. The ultimate purpose of my practice is to endow clients with the confidence, the resources and the know–how to be their own manifesting genies, their own healers, their own re–programmers of the mind. Clients are therefore encouraged, and have the opportunity, to learn the technology (techniques) themselves so that they are empowered not only in their present, but also in their future: to gain clarity and awareness about themselves and their experience, to remove their own blocks when necessary, and to be their own greatest source of aid in achieving and manifesting anything and everything they truly desire. This is the ultimate and highest use of my practice.


I believe the most effective working relationships involve familiarity and consistency, and therefore work primarily on a per-package basis. Please contact to inquire about rates and availability.


Please contact to inquire about availability.