Tarot, Astrology and Coffee Grinds: Part One

fortune coffee

A number of clients have asked me, ‘What are your thoughts on Tarot readings, and the like?’

Well, my first thought is: ‘Ooooo magical. mystical. and fun.‘ Being redundant of course, as magic and mystery are fun. – Even if they are something else besides.

But first things first. And in this case, that seems to be to say: ‘It is always possible to write something off as inconsequential, meaningless or coincidence.’ We do this with dreams – day-, night-, even the conscious and waking ones – all the time. But at some point, when it (the dream, the reading, the ‘coincidence’) resonates highly enough, the question of how it could possibly be true (or work or whatever) pales in significance to the glaring fact that it is right on the money.

The truth is: if it rings true, and it feels right, that’s because it probably iswhether or not you understand how she/he/it ‘could have possibly known that’. Focusing and attaching to the ‘how’ is lookin the ole gift horse in the mouth. And, crucially, depriving yourself of the gift.

Most of us don’t know how computers work, how electricity works, how our cars work – but this doesn’t stop us from recognizing that they do work. Nor, thankfully, from using them. But when it comes to ‘other-wordly phenomena’ – tarot, astrology, coffee grinds and egg-yolk readings, dream interpretation too – we feel justified in stopping short until someone can explain to us how they work. Even when what we have just heard or seen feels so true that we don’t know whether to laugh, cry or run. Why does it matter so much how it works? I’m not saying that it isn’t interesting; it’s actually fascinating. I’m just saying that you don’t need to know how it works in order to know that it works, and/or to use it.

Why not deal with intuitive or extra-sensory information the way we deal with light switches? You don’t need an electrician to tell you if the circuit or switch in your bathroom is working because: you can tell. Even not being ‘an expert’, you can tell. Did the light go on? Yes – then it works; No – then there’s a problem. Give yourself the same license and authority here: did it work, or didn’t it? Like the light, if it seems to be working, that’s probably because it is.

And, if it is, when it is, do you have to abstain from using it until you understand how it works? Is it even prudent to do so? Or, as with all our light switches, our t.v., our computer, the plane we are going to get on next month – will we allow ourselves to participate, to use, and even to enjoy, as we do (or don’t) delve into the how?


I have something else to share on this topic, but don’t want to inundate, so I’m leaving it for next week. Tarot, Astrology and Coffee Grinds: Part Two will be out on Tuesday.