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Marie Forleo Interview: 4 Steps to Overcome A Devastating Setback Or Failure

Had the pleasure recently, of being back on Marie Forleo’s MarieTV. This time we talked about overcoming failure and regaining confidence.


In this Q&A, Marie and I discuss the non-negotiable nature of learning to deal with setbacks and failures, and the kinds of conclusions that are appropriate and inappropriate to draw, as a result of them. I also drop some pointers on how to regain – and, equally important, retain – confidence as you move through wins and losses.

Watch the video below to learn a more effective way of understanding and dealing with setbacks and failures so that you can negotiate your losses with enough constancy, clarity and confidence, to see them turn into wins.

If you enjoyed the video and want to take action on overcoming the failure(s) that are currently weighing you down, you’ll definitely want to download Failure and Confidence: How to overcome one and retain – or regain! – the other. Just use the opt-in form below to subscribe to the mailing list and get your free copy. Filled with more juice, explanations and action steps, this pdf was designed to take you further into your process of making the most of your failure(s) or setback(s) and getting back in the game; so get started now!

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WANT MORE? Finally, if you missed my last MarieTV episode, How to Re-program Your Subconscious Mind to Get What You Want, you can click the image below to watch.

In this Q&A Marie and I discuss the fear that increased success inevitably means less freedom. More generally, in the segment I explain how and why we must dissipate the tension between our conscious goals and desires and the subconscious fears and beliefs that create resistance. Watch the video to see how to ‘reprogram’ your subconscious mind to help you move toward your conscious goals and intention with greater ease, effectiveness – and in your stride. Enjoy!