origami + the art of deliberate creation = the manifesting friendly

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Below you'll find the link to your free digital download: The Manifesting Friendly. May it keep you good company as you seek to be/do/have/create/experience in your life!

Note: You may want to bookmark this page as it contains all things Manifesting-Friendly-related: the free downloadable pdfs from which to create your own, instructions on how to use it, and in-depth explanations of the answers your Manifesting Friendly can give.

Click here to download the Manifesting Friendly:

Once you have downloaded and put your Manifesting Friendly together, read the instructions below on how to use it.


Your Manifesting Friendly is a spin off the origami fortune teller we played with in middle school. (Side note: awhile back I adopted 'friendly' as a noun, synonymous with 'thing', which I use to describe animate and inanimate objects alike; it just feels nicer.) This time, instead of telling you whether you and Billy will be best friends forever, your origami friendly tells you something you can do to get closer to what you want. This time the game is not about predictions, but about bringing you closer to the fulfillment of your desire.

Normally, when we want to make something happen in our lives we take action.

And by this we typically mean physical action. For example, we make a phone call, run out to get the brushes and paint, start saving - whatever is appropriate to the situation.

The art of manifesting involves taking action in the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms in addition to the physical one. The art of deliberate creation involves taking actions in the former realms consciously, and first. I created the Manifesting Friendly to aid and guide you in taking care and cleaning up your mental and emotional space as part of the action you take to procure your goal.

We want to balance out the scales a little: physical action is good, and very good. But so is cleaning up your thought process so that your actions are increasingly effective and efficient.

In brief: Tell your Manifesting Friendly your desire, and It responds with a provocation (a question or an exercise). Taking your mental state to be a critical factor in whether your desire becomes reality or remains unfulfilled, the provocation is meant to create space in your mind for success. It is also meant to be fun. Enjoy.


Once you’ve put your manifesting friendly together you are ready to start using It! You do not need to write your responses down (unless you're worried about forgetting what you've just said or come up with). It is true that the more you put into this, as anything else, the more you will get from it. Writing things down is a great way to slow down enough to get clear, earnest and present. Having said that, your Manifesting Friendly is also a highly flexible and portable friend: bring It to the park, bring It on the walk - bring It into the bathroom if you plan to be there for a little while. Use it in a spare moment, or in a real moment, to align yourself with what you want. And, have fun.

  1. Tell your Manifesting Friendly what you want, preferably out loud. ;) (For example: 'I want a new job.' The more specific and particular you can be the better, e.g. 'I want a great job in this industry, earning that salary, with this amount of commute time, freedom, flexibility,' etc.)
  2. Say, ‘A dream is half a prophecy.’ 3 times out loud as you open and close the origami. Stop on whatever colors (or designs if you are using the black & white version) are open when you have finished your third repetition. Speak the sentence at any speed you want. Feel free to change it up. Step into the zone and be playful about it.
  3. Choose 1 of the 2 color (or design) options in front of you. You will either choose between blue and red, or green and orange. (If you are using black & white you will be choosing between stars and stripes, or polka-dots and stripes.)
  4. Read what is written on the flap of the color (or design) you chose, and respond appropriately (answer the question if it’s a question, or do what it says to do if it’s an instruction). Next, lift the flap to read the second part of your manifesting friendly’s response. Lift the flap only after you have done as directed in the first part of your Manifesting Friendly’s answer. Proceed as directed on inside of flap.
  5. After you have finished with the exercise, always finish the session by saying ‘Thank You. A dream is half a prophecy.’ I mean it, it will work better for sure. ;)
  6. There is purpose to the answers and provocations your manifesting gives you. If you’re not getting much from your friendly please read The Oracle Answers below. There, I explain each of the 4 possible responses, what you’re meant to do with them, and what you’re meant to get out of them. They are worth reading. Read them as each comes up for you, but do read them if you want to get the most out of your friendly.
  7. This most of all: enjoy. The origami piece I designed is meant to be helpful. But is meant to be fun help. May you find it that way.
  8. Oh yes, and finally, don’t feel embarrassed if you find that you’ve named your friend. All your friends have names, it's natural. And may you find a new friend in your manifesting friendly!



Click on the color (or design) to learn more about the meaning behind your Friendly's response.