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  “What do sad people have in common? It seems they have all built a shrine to the past and often go there and do a strange wail and worship. What is the beginning of happiness? It is to stop being so religious like that.” ~ Hafiz ‘It is to stop being so religious like…

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Forgiving and Forgetting: Part Two

“Find exemplary examples.” ~ Catherine Collautt, Ph.D. My last post, Forgiving and Forgetting: Part One, you may have found to be, ‘a hard one’ – simply by virtue of the fact that it was on forgiveness. Forgiveness is hard because of the level it asks us to engage with life on; one we often spend…

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Forgiving and Forgetting: Part One

  “The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naïve forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.” ~ Thomas Szasz There is definitely something important and insightful in Szasz’s statement, but I want to amend it to say: The stupid neither forgive nor forget;the naïve forgive and forget;the wise forgive and – learn.…

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The Kind of Negative Thinking I Like

  ‘Assume I have failed to achieve my goal – what’s the most likely reason why that would have happened?’ I was perusing my husband’s MBA assignment the other day and came across this question. – Which I loved. Now if you know me, and the work that I do, you might find that strange:…

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“Nothing on Earth can resist an absolutely non-resistant person.” It’s true. Think about air. Think about water. Think about being like that. Now by ‘that’ I don’t mean passive, or complacent, or inactive; not necessarily anyway. This isn’t a blanket statement to, in the face of injustice for example, just stand by and watch. This…

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“Resentment is the poison we swallow hoping the other person will die.” I’m sorry, because I know how compelling it is to think otherwise – but its true. Stop drinking the poison. It’s not working. Not in the way we want it to anyway. It is slowly eating away at us; slowly increasing the toxicity…

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Turning the Bed Around

I recently heard a wonderful lecture, as her lectures characteristically are, by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (for info on Dr. Estes see Theatre of the Imagination in my Resources). In it, Dr. Estes tells the story of a boy, (and yes, later a man), whose godmother was the Goddess of Life and Death (if you…

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