Institute for Integrative Nutrition Notes (9 November 2014)

Hi friend :)

As promised, here are your ‘mantras’ from class. Please be sure to use them alongside your notes and/or in concert with viewing the talk again so that you are sure to have the proper context for each. And remember, more than ‘affirmations’ they are simply, and powerfully, reminders-to-self!

I have also included the exercises I mentioned in class below.

All the best to you,

may your craft, and indeed your business, nourish you as you endeavor to nourish others!




  • All that is ever asked of me, and all that could ever be asked of me, is my best. I do my best knowing that it must be enough, and so it is enough. Often more than enough. And so I do my best with pleasure.
  • My clients’ illness, dis-ease, trauma or drama is not my own, and I do NOT need to take it in in order to to my good work and provide my services with all my heart. In fact the more I respect myself, my container, WITH it’s boundaries, the more I am able to BE a stable, clear, powerful practitioner of my craft; and to help my clients. Part of being an adult is earning a living, sustaining myself; I want to do this. I look forward to doing this. And so I will very graciously and gratefully, allow my clients to pay me for the services I am offering in the marketplace – not least so that I may continue to provide them and do my good work in the world! I feel so lucky to be getting paid for something I want to be doing. And something I like doing. Finally, it is okay for me to be unavailable to my clients, or to my business, at times – physically, mentally, emotionally and otherwise. Indeed this is what helps me be all the more present when I am there. Respecting my boundaries keeps my caring and nurturing healthy and effective.
  • I LOVE my boundaries. And I listen to them. For they keep me thriving. And as I thrive, I have all the more gift to give!
  • I’m committed to living a life worth living, to creating new things, and to becoming all I have yet to become – I thereby understand that mistakes, setbacks and failures will be part and parcel of my journey. As such, I am committed to dealing with them, and learning to deal with them, in a way that is healthy, productive, and conducive to picking myself up, dusting myself off, and moving forward in my life. I will not take them primarily as signs that I should stop, or that I am a loser – I will first take them as a sign that I am endeavoring to be something different, something more, than I was yesterday. This is good.
  • I intend to be a successful person – that means I will take failure to signal that success is yet farther down the road.
  • I am eager to correct my mistaken perceptions and ideas, and am I okay with beelining it to the correction by having them come to light.
  • Success increases my freedom in life.
  • Increased success brings increased support – personal, professional, financial and otherwise!
  • Power is freedom. Money, influence, reach – these are all manifestations of power. And I am free – always and eternally – to embody, wield and enjoy my power in whatever way pleases my heart and soul most.
  • [Far from casting a shadow], my Light AUGMENTS the Light of all life around me. The brighter shine, the easier it becomes for others to shine unabashedly too!



  • RE: Success. Interview yourself, and your subconscious, about your associations with success. What does it mean? What does it involve? And what does it bring with it? Get specific. A good question to ask yourself is: what’s the worst thing that would happen if I succeeded in this?
  • RE: Setting up for success. Get as detailed and clear about your vision as possible: how many hours are your working? what does your business involve? how many newsletters a month? how many clients do you want to start with, or increase to? what’s your intake process? what’s your overhead? what’s your profit? Get specific. Write down numbers, deadlines, goals. Remember: you can change them – but not until you first get them out of your head and onto paper!
  • RE: Setting up for success. Pre-mortem exercise: ask yourself this question: ““Assume I have failed to achieve my goal – what’s the most likely reason why that would have happened?” You may also use this version: “ASSUMING FOR THE MOMENT THAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THIS WORK, AND THAT I HAVE ALREADY EDUCATED MYSELF ENOUGH TO START MY BUSINESS, what is the most likely reason(s) I would have failed?”