On Magic and Miracles. Or Walking Through A Land Of Wonders, Unwondering.


By: Catherine Collautt, Ph.D.

On Magic and Miracles is the latest essay in my philosophy for the people series On Life and Living. Or Conversations Between Me, Me, and You.

Do you take for granted that magic and miracles belong to realms of fantasy, fiction and religion? Spoiler alert: they don’t. They both belong firmly to reality. 

It’s all too easy to live in the secular world, day in and day out, and come to assume that it’s reality. It isn’t reality. The more secular and non-mystical it is – the farther away it is from Reality. From existence in all its largess – i.e. 99.99% of what it actually is. The assumption that Life rolls like antiquated patriarchal science rolls is destructive. And also patently false. It totally is not the way life rolls. It isn’t even the way science rolls at this point.

Life consistently rolls with unprecedented magic. Miracles ain’t nothin but a thing. You should be seeing, enjoying and invoking them. Daily. As scary as it is to acknowledge the unseen and unknown aspects of existence, at least it’s a world worth living in, an existence worth really participating in. You know that. Reclaim it with me; read On Magic and Miracles available now!


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