On Having One Life. Or What’s True About Reincarnation.


By: Catherine Collautt, Ph.D.

How does the thought that you have only one life to live make you feel? Even those of us who feel inspired by the prospect don’t avoid the overwhelm. In fact, the greater our appetite to make the most of this life so too, the greater overwhelm. On Having One Life seeks to break that feedback loop. You don’t need do-overs of any kind – reincarnation or otherwise; you don’t need to be perfect or to make all the right decisions; and you don’t need to know the future or who or what you will be in it – to make the most and best of your life. You need to find the balls, or the ovaries, to try. On Having One Life seeks to help you retrieve them. Purchase now to read more.

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  1. Anne, 29, Producer

    One Life addresses the existential nature of the feeling of dissatisfaction. It points out that no material exchange can quench that spiritual hunger for more. Wanting, Dr. Collautt reminds us, only feels bad in the presence of doubt; and that the road to success and the road to failure look exactly the same – success is just further up the road. All of these lessons (and more) in 29 short pages provide the perspective one needs to make the best of this life; and any others we might happen upon.

  2. Mina Samuels, author of Run Like a Girl 

    Sharp insights crossed with graceful looping prose remind us of the urgent call to live the best life we can.

  3. Karie Hill | Creator of Date Your Dollars™

    If I ever feel stuck, dwelling on the past or in a place of indecision, this is my go-to! On Having One Life gives you permission to be exactly where you are, and the loving push to move forward in the direction of what you desire most.

  4. Roshini, Dance Teacher in the making, London, UK

    If ‘hope is the thing with feathers’ as Emily Dickinson said, then grow some lush plumage and soar into the vast, starry skies of your potential, with this vignette. Cathy takes the concept of reincarnation and the desperate yearning for it, and turns it on its head. On Having One Life tells us why, truly, there can be no regrets in life. I’ve had regrets that I’ve been dragging around for years like a ball and chain, but after reading this piece, I realize that nothing happens in a vacuum. I am here, now, because these things happened in this sequence. And that’s not a bad thing, as long as I know I’m progressing. Read On Having One Life to keep hope alive – Dickinson’s ‘little bird’ that gives us so much, yet demands so little.

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